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  • 注册于二月 2020
  • 现在在线
  • ~21,000 次交易*
  • ~$6,600,000


CHASE/Wells Fargo/BOFA




Los Angeles, California, US


I can deposit cash to a business account at Chase, Wells Fargo, or Bank of America.

If you provide a personal account, I can deposit but it will have to be money orders. I will send photos of money orders filled out to your account and then send a photo of the deposit receipt once completed.

Please provide me with:

(1) business account holder name,
(2) account #,
(3) state where account was opened.

I can write whatever you would like on the receipt. I will have payment completed quickly. If you open a trade with me your trade WILL be honored so long as the 3 items above are provided. Thanks.

*please make sure that it is a business account because personal accounts cannot accept cash*