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订单购买ETH Bigtrader1 (微信支付)

从 Bigtrader1 处购买 ETH

Bigtrader1 通常在 10 分钟内回复。

1 ETH = CN¥17.15K
ETH/CNY 在时间内 117 秒利率有保证。


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  • 注册于三月 2020
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  • ~1,900 次交易*
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Beijing, CN


注意:在本交易广告下,只支持中国的微信付款交易 !拒绝其他付款方式 !
请先确认您能够在代管后5分钟内完成付款再发出交易请求 !
只支持实名付款,微信姓名不一致的不放币 !拒绝其他人为你代付 !

Attention :Transaction under this advertisement ,Only accept payment by China WeChat. Refuse other forms of payment transaction.
My WeChat information will ONLY provide in the trade chat dialog.
Note: Please confirm that you can complete the payment within 5 minutes after escrow before sending out the transaction request! Only real-name payment is supported. If WeChat's name is inconsistent, Order will not be released! Refuse others to pay for you! Contact me after creating the order, and I will provide payment WeChat Account ID! Then you add my WeChat as a friend and send a screenshot of the order! I will verify the order. If there is no problem, I will escrow it. After the escrow is completed, you can transfer the payment directly through WeChat!
Thank you for understanding.
付款即默认同意以上条款 (Payment is by default agreed to the above terms)
1.只接收与本人购买数字货币交易付款 若为他人代付款或者付款用途不一致,请谨慎付款 防止网络诈骗,避免付款纠纷
3.受他人套利, 空投,炒币理财增值等利诱进行买币,将会造成您财产的损失!
Important Note:
1. Only accepts payment for digital currency transactions with me. Please don't pay if you pay for others or if the purpose of payment is inconsistent. Prevent online fraud and avoid payment disputes.
2. After buying the currency, be instigated by others to withdraw the currency to the other third-party unreliable fraud Digital currency transaction platform, your assets will not be able to take out from such platforms, resulting in assets losses!
3. For others to buy, withdraw digital currency, help others to commit crimes, you will be the public security organs and judicial chase arrest, Please be aware.
4. This collection account has been connected to the Red Shield system of public security organs. If your funds are illegal (including but not limited to gambling funds, fraudulent funds, etc., all other illegal funds)! After your payment, it will trigger the alarm of the public security organs, the public security organs will immediately freeze funds and conduct a criminal investigation on you! And You will be arrested by the public security organs!
5.If the loss caused by the above reasons occurs, you must bear the consequences by yourself!Once the payment is confirmed, the payer acquiescently buy the digital currency transaction, and knows and bears all risks. All property disputes and legal liabilities shall be borne by the payer. and have nothing to do with the payee .