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订单卖出BTC bkketh (银行转账)



1 BTC = THB325.47K

买家选择这个价格 - 只有在你同意的时候才能继续下去。


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  • ~1,300次交易
  • ~$2,850,000


THB for BTC all Thai banks


You have BTC to sell, I have THB ready to transfer to your Thai bank account.

Transfers are instant to your Thai bank account.

1. Check you have sent BTC to your wallet and can cover fees.

2. Open a trade with me - Say “hi” and let me know your bank, acct number and first name. For Promptpay, Name and phone number. (I get an SMS on my phone within 5 minutes of your trade opening)

3. Once you get a reply from me, you can fund escrow.

4. I’ll make the payment to your account, and mark the trade paid.

5. You check you’ve received funds and then release the BTC from Escrow.

6. Done!

You are responsible for providing correct payment details. No illegal stuff.

Am often mobile - if so expect short responses, I may be driving.

If new, please this link to sign up: